Dance Dimensions

Dance Dimensions was created in 1998 by Jen Naso Marinis. Since day one, Jen and her staff have built the foundation of the studio based on these simple principles: correct dance training, family, and self worth. The mission of the studio is to provide quality dance and performance education to all of our students. The staff is committed to giving every student a complete dance education for their level and enhancing their self-esteem and confidence. We are proud to be our student’s mentors and also teach them life long lessons. For many of our students, the studio is their second home and the staff and fellow dancers are their second family. The staff teaches in a disciplined and exciting environment that promotes the appreciation for the art of dance. The staff meets regularly to discuss student progress and placement to ensure that every dancer is in the correct class. Our staff is courteous and well informed to help every parent at any time with questions or concerns regarding their child. You will find that we are highly organized and promote a seamless experience for the dancers and their families.

The staff at Dance Dimensions is the finest you will find in Northeast Ohio. Our teachers are highly qualified in their area of expertise and are not only accomplished dancers but even more importantly, accomplished dance educators. Jen is a true believer in T.E.A.M…Together Everyone Achieves More. You will see that in our staff, which in turn, shows in all of our dancers.

For 16 years Dance Dimensions has been a leader in dance education. We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, along with our underlying belief in the strength of our organization. Everything we do at our studio is for a reason, because it works, and the results show. We are committed to doing everything in your child’s best interest. I’m sure as a parent you will be happy to know that we instill so many values in your child.



Jen and her staff are professional, respectful, and passionate about dance. They give each dancer a quality, safe, and positive dance education. We have been at the studio for 9 years and have been very impressed with the way that the staff truly cares for each one of their students. In addition to a strong dance program, they remind each and every one of their students to respect themselves. What wonderful role models they are! Our daughters love Dance Dimensions…and so do we!

Greg & Julie Golonka

My daughter has been dancing at Dance Dimensions for 6 years. I am not only impressed with the progress that I have seen in her dance technique each year, but also with the comradery that is encouraged by the studio staff. As the world continues in many ways to teach a ‘me first’ attitude, Jen and all of the instructors, promote team spirit, sportsmanship, and good moral conduct in addition to advancement and high standards in dance technique. I am thoroughly impressed with the ‘Dance Dimensions family.’ They are a class act both on and off the stage!

Pam E.

The care and support that the Dance Dimensions staff provides to all the girls (toddlers to teens) at the studio is heartfelt and genuine. The staff constantly encourages the girls to take pride in everything they do and always represent themselves in an appropriate manner. Not just while dancing but at home, at school, with their friends, even how their “cyber world” is a reflection of who they are. There are a lot of places that can teach our daughter how to dance but not all of them reinforce the positive values that we instill in her.


My daughter Makenzie has been taking dance classes at Dance Dimensions for the last 7 years. Over this time, I have seen my daughter’s love for Dance, Dance Dimensions and her instructors grow tremendously. Jen and the instructors are such wonderful role models to these dancers. All the instructors bring their own unique dance backgrounds to the studio which allows the students to learn from the best! Dance Dimensions puts on the most amazingly entertaining recitals. Their dancers range from young to old and are all phenomenal to watch! Jen and her staff truly represent and genuinely care for their dancers. Over the years I have grown such respect for all that they do. I am so glad that Makenzie is part of this fabulous dance family!

Antoinette Starkey

Switching from our former studio to Dance Dimensions was on of the best decisions we ever made for our child. She has grown up in this studio where she has not only learned to dance at a competitive level, but has learned the value of commitment, team work, resilience, and hard work. Not only have the instructors at Dance Dimensions helped her excel at dance, they’ve helped build her character in ways that will benefit her in every aspect of life.

Thank you Dance Dimensions!

Leneigh White & Insoo Hyun

Dance Dimensions has been a part of my daughters lives since they were preschoolers. They have not only improved their dance technique, but have learned about respect for themselves and others. Jen and her staff teach doing your best is more important than winning titles!I love that Jen and the staff allow and encourage the girls to do other things outside of dance! It’s something I have not experienced in other organizations. Truly an amazing place for kids. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Dance Dimensions family.

Kelly Preseren

Dance Dimensions has been my home away from home for the past fifteen years. Jen and her staff have made an incredible impact on my life, and I am so grateful for that. The teachers, mentors, and second-mothers I had at the studio have guided me to grow as a dancer and person. I can apply the lessons they have taught me to my dance career and my life. I learned to never give up and never stop believing in myself. Jen has helped me step out of the box and accomplish things I never thought I could do. Now that my years at Dance Dimensions are over, I know that I will carry this with me. Jen has given me confidence to be bolder in my dancing and personality. She has helped me grow from a quiet, shy girl to a more confident young woman. Also, the studio has taught me to use my talents to help others through Dancing for a Miracle fundraisers and helping other students in class. Being in an environment where we are all there to help each other reminded my classmates and me that life isn’t just about us. In my opinion, the best impact the studio has had on my life is the family I am now a part of. I am close not only with the students in my classes, but with alumni and the teachers. The Dance Dimensions family is such a blessing in my life. I know that I will keep the friends I have made for a very long time. We support each other and work together as a team, rather than individuals. I would like to thank Jen and all the Dance Dimensions staff for being my role models, other moms, and friends. My life would have been so different if I did not dance at Dance Dimensions. I am grateful for all the things the studio has done and will continue to do for me.


Joining the Dance Dimensions dance family was the best choice I ever made. When I made the decision to switch studios going into eighth grade and first came to the studio to audition for the performing companies, everyone was already so welcoming. I knew right away that Dance Dimensions felt like home. Not only do you receive an amazing dance education, but you also gain an everlasting family. Even though we are with each other every single day, I always find myself only wanting to be with my dance family. I think that is the one thing that stands out the most about Dance Dimensions, is that we really all are best friends and it shows when we dance. We have been taught discipline, skill, strength and technique, and everyday lessons. We are taught how to be professional and how to use our manners with our bodies. It’s like when I put my strengths to use is when I am content. I love knowing that all of my hard work and practice pays off and there is no better feeling then physically realizing that you are doing more than the day before. Not only do we learn from the amazingly talented staff, but we also learn from the talent that surrounds each other. Dance Dimension staff actually genuinely cares about your success and future in dance and it shows. Jen and her staff all love what they do and you could tell while you are in class because of how they put there all into teaching and helping you grow and succeed. The staff does everything they can for you inside, and outside, of dance. We always are calling Jen “Mother hen Jen!” because she really is like a second mom to us. Not only do you receive an insane dance experience in every area, but you also get teachers who are all so well rounded with so much experience. Leaving Dance Dimensions has left me with so many different connections and opportunities for the future. From all of the Master class opportunities I have gotten to take, our Senior NYC trip to Broadway Dance Center, guest teachers, competitions/conventions, we have had so many amazing experiences that I am so thankful for. I love feeling accomplished, as if everything I have worked for has paid off. All my life I have dreamt of being a professional dancer and I wish nothing more than to pursue that. I have always had a goal for myself that after college I want to dance at Disney World and on a cruise ship in the productions and I think that Dance Dimensions has put me on the right path to get there. I look forward to putting my all into furthering my education in dance in Fall 2015 towards my BFA in dance at The University of Akron. I think that Dance Dimensions has well prepared me for my future and I so am excited to pursue it and share all that I’ve learned.

Carla Butkovic